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  • n. The quality of being or coming second.

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  • n. The character of being second; the ordinal position in a series of the second member of it, whether this position is considered in itself or is spoken of as appertaining to the object that occupies it.
  • n. The mode of being of an object which is such as it is by virtue of being connected with or related to another object or objects, regardless of any triadic relation.
  • n. The mode of connection or relation of such an object with such other
  • n. In a looser sense, the secundal, or relative, character which belongs to an individual object, as having such a mode of being.


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second +‎ -ness


  • I know we use comparisons to make up our minds and buy things, but does the Droid branding accentuate the "secondness" of the product vs. it being truly "different?"

    InformationWeek - All Stories And Blogs

  • The very secondness of the second Holocaust carries with it a temptation to abandon all thoughts of proportionality in retaliation, and to punish the whole world for allowing not one but two slaughters of a people.

    How the End Begins

  • And to many, there is something exponentially more horrific about the secondness of a Holocaust happening to the same people—something that virtually guarantees a third, retaliatory one, in response.

    How the End Begins

  • The decision about the threshold is affected by the secondness of a second Holocaust?

    How the End Begins

  • But it could be argued the second one transcends the enormity of the first by its very secondness.

    How the End Begins

  • Still there are those who resist taking into account the secondness of a second Holocaust as a strategic—triggering—factor or admit the prospect into their worldview at all.

    How the End Begins

  • Against his brother, against the stature of danger and rage he could only pose the fact of his secondness, his meek freedom from guilt.


  • When I asked the co-author of the Israel Defense Forces’ code of ethics, Moshe Halbertal, whether he thought the secondness of a second Holocaust would be a factor in Israeli’s military posture, he shrugged and said, “Of course.”

    How the End Begins


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