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  • n. The turbulent flow of air driven backward by the propeller or propellers of an aircraft. Also called race2.
  • n. The area of reduced pressure or forward suction produced by and immediately behind a fast-moving object as it moves through air or water.
  • intransitive v. To drive or cycle in the slipstream of a vehicle ahead.

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  • n. the low pressure zone immediately following a rapidly moving object, caused by turbulence
  • v. To take advantage of the suction produced by a slipstream by travelling immediately behind the slipstream generator.
  • v. To incorporate additional software (such as patches) into an existing installer.

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  • n. the flow of air that is driven backwards by an aircraft propeller


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from slip + stream


  • The term slipstream was coined by cyberpunk author Bruce Sterling in an article originally published in SF Eye #5, July 1989.

    New Wave Fabulists: "Make It Weird"

  • Within the cosy ghetto of serious science fiction and fantasy readers, the term "slipstream" is sometimes used as a label for stories that linger in the liminal borderlands between die-hard genre definitions.

    Genre Fiction

  • By the offered definition, I think "slipstream" is — and has been, for over a quarter of a century — my favorite.

    What's Your Favorite Slipstream Story?

  • At the heart of this term "slipstream" is an image of a zone of turbulence, where mainstream and genre fictions mix.

    Why Do I Infernokrush?

  • In fact, in a way I think he could even be called “the godfather of slipstream” in that 21st century definition of slipstream, not infernokrusher nor Sterling’s original intent, but what the term slipstream has mutated into for the way he composed stories and used his materials.

    Nelson Bond | Goblin Mercantile Exchange

  • All "magic realism" and slipstream is labeled as fantasy for simplicity.

    The Ultimate Guide to Modern Writers of Science Fiction and Fantasy

  • What I think we have here, at the heart of slipstream, is a folding through of the strange and the mundane, a radical interpenetration (far more radical than that of intrusion fantasy), one that leads to the deep instability and uncertainty of an infused realm, offered as an estranged postmodern view of the world -- infusion as confusion.

    Notes on Strange Fiction: Seams

  • We talk about why the new generation slipstream is not the fusion of literary fiction and SF/F. Fri 1200 Remembering Robert Anton WILSON

    The 65th World Science Fiction Convention

  • The slipstream is an impact zone, not the confusion, not the area of collusion, of separate forms of storytelling -- of fantastic and domestic genres -- but the collision of them.

    Why Do I Infernokrush?

  • Yes, slipstream is on one level simply a grouping of fiction which basically consists of:

    Why Do I Infernokrush?


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