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  • n. Plural form of sluice.


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  • After heavy rain sluices cauliflowers into the drains, you have to insert big filters to stop them clogging everything up, otherwise they create the most awful stench of rotting vegetation. cauliflower/grandfather

    May 2008

  • Water sluices from the assassin’s shoulders as it lurches forward.

    Orbit Books Free Sample SciFi Fantasy Book: The Future Is Now 30 | SciFi UK Review

  • In this kind of mining the "pay-dirt" was shovelled into long wooden boxes called sluices, and a constant stream of water kept the gravel and earth moving on out to a dumping-place.

    Stories of California

  • These canals which flow through all Holland in a network of winding ways, run to the sea, and where they meet the sea, in the dykes, great oaken gates, called sluices are placed across the entrance to the canals, to regulate the amount of water which shall flow into the canals, from the sea.

    Ten Boys from History

  • She cannot bear that opening of the sluices, which is a benefit and comfort to some people.


  • Day and night the yellow clay and scraped bedrock hurried through the swift sluices, yielding up its ransom to the strong men from the Southland.

    The Priestly Prerogative

  • He had given it out, rather vaguely, that he needed the animals for sledding lumber from the mill to his sluices, and right here is where Sitka Charley demonstrated his fitness.


  • So she added a hedge-betting line, one that time and history have polished up to a high reflective gloss: “Whether these Western floods, to which all her sluices are open, come to the East for baptism or drowning,” she concluded, almost as an afterthought, “is hard to say.”

    Day of Honey

  • He started to head for the sluices at Swamp Lock gatehouse but suddenly had qualms.

    The Sound Thief « A Fly in Amber

  • Although they rarely fabricated news, they decided what information was allowed through the sluices and what was not.

    Deconstructing Obama


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