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  • n. A term of endearment, especially for a child


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  • Laura said she kissed aman who called her snookums.


  • I generally come up with a cock-and-bull story for the person on the other line, such as claiming that I am the jealous lover of the student who wants to know who would be calling my "snookums," or that the student has been called away on a secret mission for the government, or that I am the personal secretary for the student who is now screening the calls to keep the riff-raff out.

    Cell phones in class

  • March 15, 2007 crazymumma said ... oh snookums. that is just so nice. be proud kittenpie, she gets it form the two of you.

    The Sweet Is Back

  • Starting at $79 for three months, the Fairfield, Iowa, company ships snookums a new pair of undies, along with perfume, candy, romantic personal notes and the odd teddy bear.

    Lingerie The Easy Way

  • Starbucks wants you to romance snookums with nothing more than a latte; Necco has finally gotten around to making tiny heart candies with the words FAX ME on them.

    Maybe Saying It With Flowers Isn't A Bad Idea

  • WOLFIE: I know I promised you I'd look into that job for you, snookums, but you know, I'm just starting out and ....

    James Finn Garner: New Fall Sitcom! "The Wolfie & Shaha Show!"

  • Just betcha, he has a pet name for Michelle – like snookums – or something silly like that.

    Barack Obama…60 Minutes interview reveals down-to-earth personality! « Julian Ayrs & Pop Culture

  • Next thing you know I'll be making you hold my purse while I try on clothes and call you snookums.

    The Ultimate Millionaire

  • There was a post on Agent Kristin's blog about some poor kid whose mom got all upset at the rejection letter sent to her darling snookums.

    Archive 2006-09-03

  • I paid the credit card bills ON TIME this month, and sent them a little extra, although because of the extremely late payments over the past year thanks, snookums the credit card companies are not real eager to extend me extra credit or lower my rates.

    Archive 2006-04-01


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