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  • n. Melted snow.


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  • To make matters worse, nearly all of Montana's major river basins east of the Great Divide are registering snow-water levels at 200% to nearly 600% above normal, according to Natural Resource Conservation Service data.

    Rain, snowmelt combine to increase flood threat

  • His food consisted of the flesh of the wild yak, and his drink was snow-water.

    Archive 2008-04-01

  • Another must have roses in winter, alieni temporis flores, snow-water in summer, fruits before they can be or are usually ripe, artificial gardens and fishponds on the tops of houses, all things opposite to the vulgar sort, intricate and rare, or else they are nothing worth.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • Below him it seemed there was a precipice equally steep, but behind the snow in the gully he found a sort of chimney-cleft dripping with snow-water, down which a desperate man might venture.

    The Door in the Wall, and other stories

  • To people at home there these changeful tricks had their interests; the strange mistakes that some of the more sanguine trees had made in budding before their month, to be incontinently glued up by frozen thawings now; the similar sanguine errors of impulsive birds in framing nests that were now swamped by snow-water, and other such incidents, prevented any sense of wearisomeness in the minds of the natives.

    The Woodlanders

  • Creeping over the sleeping forms, which never stirred even though I had to kneel upon one of the natives while I untied the flap of the tent, I crept cautiously into the crevasse in which the snow-water was then hard frozen, and out upon the projecting ledge.

    The Hawaiian Archipelago

  • She came out like the rising dawn after an obscure night or the water of immortality gushing from a dark cavern, carrying in her hand a bowl of snow-water, into which sugar had been poured and essence of roses mixed.

    The Gulistan of Sa'di

  • We found no fresh water among these islands, but only snow-water, whereof we found great pools.

    The North-West Passage

  • After a time he set her on her paws, then stood and went to the kitchen, returned with the bottle of winter snow-water, saved just above freezing for a moment like this.

    Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse

  • It was a catered lunch: palettes of bright fruits, swirls of walnut butter, flakes of chocolate, Colorado mountain snow-water while the animals talked.

    Writer Ferrets: Chasing the Muse


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