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  • n. A divisor of a quantity that when squared gives the quantity. For example, the square roots of 25 are 5 and -5 because 5 × 5 = 25 and (-5) × (-5) = 25.

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  • n. Of a number, another number which, when squared, yields the original number; sometimes constrained to be the positive number when two solutions exist.

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  • n. a number that when multiplied by itself equals a given number


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  • He liked 97 because it was the largest two-digit prime number, and he loved 81 because it was absolutely the only number out of all the literally infinite possibilities whose square root was also the sum of its digits.

    Bad Luck and Trouble

  • Tympanum says that, by extracting the square root of 3630, we get 60 yards with a remainder of 30/60, or half a yard, which we add so as to make the oblong 60 x 60½.

    A Tangled Tale

  • I dare say one should be prepared for anything in a land where an illiterate peasant girl can give you the square root of a six-figure number at first glance, but when I reflect on the skill and speed of those copyists, and the analytical genius that penetrated that code … well, it can still rob me of breath.

    Flashman and the Mountain of Light

  • After some thought, he was convinced that the often-seen square root relationship applied here.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies


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