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  • adverb in a stentorious way


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From stentorious.


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  • "Uncommon bad piece of trail just this side of the turn," he remarked stentoriously, at the same time flinging an eloquent glance at the demijohn.

    CHAPTER 20 2010

  • "Ten beautiful ladies stand before me but I only have nine photos in my hands," intones Tyra stentoriously.

    Holly Cara Price: Rubbernecking: America's Next Top Model, Week Four 2009

  • During the campaign, as Mr. Obama stentoriously repeated his line about there not being the red or the blue but the United States of America, it sometimes seemed that he was thinking not about anything to be found in reality -- after all, "red" and "blue" both watch the same television shows, and cast their ballots peacefully alongside each other at the same voting centers -- but about his own divided background.

    Obama's Muse Lee Siegel 2008

  • The steak was excellent, Wolfie reported stentoriously, as he packed it away in hungry-wolf gulps, which he then washed down with yet another frozen Margharita.

    Gossip The Daily Growler 2006

  • Gigantic females, ‘stentoriously laughing and gaping with tehees of laughter’ at unseasonable hours of night and morning, haunted the purlieus of his abode.

    Edinburgh Picturesque Notes 2005

  • This approach is echoed by the phalanxes of dismal hacks and, in the interests of gender equality, hackettes who have been falling over themselves to ask "no" voters – in both the French and Dutch referendums – why they voted, then stentoriously pronouncing that they were all voting for different things – anything other than against the constitution.

    Actually, the people got it wrong Richard 2005

  • - She was quiet for some time, and Bernice could hear her breathing as stentoriously as a grandfather clock counting time.

    Second Skin Lustbader, Eric 1995

  • Sensing his opponent's lapse of concentration, Zancresta waved a hand over his head and declaimed stentoriously.

    The Day of the Dissonance Foster, Alan Dean, 1946- 1984

  • Caramon slumped over his horse's neck, breathing stentoriously.

    Dragons of Autumn Twilight Weis, Margaret 1984

  • Caramon slumped over his horse's neck, breathing stentoriously.

    Dragons of Autumn Twilight Weis, Margaret 1984


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