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  • n. One who pursues game stealthily and without noise; one who hunts from ambush or under cover; a stalker.


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  • How would the still-hunter feel if their land were taken from them because dog people grumbled all the time.

    Deer Hunting with Dogs

  • With a hint of pride Mrs. Cobb said, "Herb is a still-hunter."

    The Cat Who Knew Shakespeare

  • This startled the trio like the bursting of a bomb, and trebled their excitement; for their guide, when abroad, had usually the cautious, well-controlled manner of the still-hunter, who never knows what chances may be lurking round him which he would ruin by an outcry.

    Camp and Trail A Story of the Maine Woods

  • Until his blurring senses left him he occasionally shouted or thrust up his head; but the old still-hunter was relentless, and evidently had not the clear vision of a youth.

    The Rainy Day Railroad War

  • A very short experience with the rifle-bearing portion of mankind changes the big-horn into a quarry whose successful chase taxes to the utmost the skill alike of still-hunter and of mountaineer.

    The Big-Horn Sheep

  • Particularly was this the case in the days of the greatest bison destruction, when a still-hunter could get "a stand" on a bunch of buffaloes quietly grazing at the edge of the great mass, and slowly and surely shoot down each animal that attempted to lead that group away from the sound of his rifle.

    The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals A Book of Personal Observations

  • He stated that whenever as a still-hunter he got "a stand on a bunch," and began to shoot, slowly and patiently, so as not to alarm the stand, whenever a buffalo took alarm and attempted to lead away the bunch, usually it proved to be a wise old cow.

    The Minds and Manners of Wild Animals A Book of Personal Observations

  • An almost unbroken forest sweeps away in every direction, and everywhere there is cover for the still-hunter.

    Forest Neighbors Life Stories of Wild Animals

  • Without hounds its pursuit is so uncertain that from the still-hunter's standpoint it hardly deserves to rank as game at all -- though, by the way, it is itself a more skilful still-hunter than any human rival.

    Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches

  • The usual practice of the still-hunter who is after grisly is to toll it to baits.

    Hunting the Grisly and Other Sketches


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