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  • adj. Below the human race in evolutionary development.
  • adj. Regarded as not being fully human.

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  • adj. Less than human; lacking characteristics of a human.
  • n. Anything which is less than human.

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  • Under or beneath the human; next below the human.
  • Nearly or somewhat human.

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  • adj. less than human or not worthy of a human being
  • adj. unfit for human beings


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sub- +‎ human


  • I have purposefully hyphenated the word subhuman in this article to add emphasis to the root of the word which is human because that root word is very important!

    Political Pistachio

  • In fact, Zedillo's slavish obeisance to the NAFTA treaty and the neoliberal global economy has increased the number of Mexicans who live below the poverty line, some say by as much as 40%; dislocated millions of peasants and forced them into the edges of the cities to live in subhuman conditions while seeking work; made the Army a power in the civilian government roughly equal to where it stood in 1968 when the UNAM massacre took place; choked off needed funding for the systems of free education and health care; increased dramatically the percentage of Mexicans who are illiterate, addicted, and committing crimes; and produced more billionaires than have France, Great Britain, and Spain combined.

    The Oaxaca Newsletter volume 5, No. 14: August 15, 2000

  • And, those conditions can only be described as subhuman - dangerously filthy, and without the most rudimentary sanitary facilities or basic medical care.

    William Fisher: Immigration: Emma Lazarus Redux

  • So then Thomas evaded the morality issue by asserting that the homunculus has only a sensitive rather than a rational soul, and therefore can be classified as subhuman and fit for research purposes.

    Us and Stem - Only The Daily Show Can Help Us Now

  • Denied their identity, defined as subhuman, dispossessed of their land, their country and their freedom, millions became chattels in the ownership of others who convinced themselves that they were true masters of all they surveyed.

    ANC Today

  • Can you link to some evolutionist researh in which neanderthals are described as subhuman?

    Conservapedia - Recent changes [en]

  • But is this reason enough to make Bangladeshis live in what can only be described as subhuman conditions?

    Minivan News : Top Stories

  • And how dare you suggest I believe any human being is "subhuman".

    A Childish Question About Immigration, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • And in a related sense, does calling someone a student journalist nowadays somehow lessen their work, make it sound "subhuman" or categorize it as inferior to a "true" journalist?

    Dan Reimold: Student Journalists Are Not 'Subhuman'

  • We should not be surprised that the keen observer and sharp scientist Charles Darwin could produce his theory of evolution by natural selection and his book On the Origin of Species with one part of his brain, while another part of his brain jumped to conclusions about "subhuman" savages -- conclusions based on simplistic casual observations and Victorian racist propaganda.

    Dan Agin: The Irregular Brain: Scientists as Racists


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