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  • n. A group of neighboring clusters of galaxies.

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  • n. An extended group of clusters of galaxies


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  • Mr. Ellison said the new hardware-a "supercluster" of Sparc-based servers-set a record for online transaction processing, a measure of performance for running database software, "for any database running on any computer at any time."

    Ellison Says Oracle Will 'Go After' H-P -

  • Lawton, director of the Massachusetts BioManufacturing Center at UMass Lowell, noted that the Greater Boston area is a "supercluster" for biotechnology.

    Media Newswire

  • Bloomberg News Larry Ellison, chief executive officer of Oracle Corp., arrives at federal court to testify in a copyright infringement case in Oakland, Calif. on Nov. 8 Mr. Ellison said the new hardware — a " supercluster " of Sparc-based servers — set a record for online transaction processing, a measure of performance for running database software, " for any database running on any computer at any time.

    Ellison Says Oracle Will

  • The Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies are the dominant structures in a galaxy cluster called the Local Group which is, in turn, an outlying member of the Virgo supercluster.

    The ‘Great Attractor’: Exactly What is the Milky Way (and Neighbors) Speeding Towards at 14 Million Miles Per Hour? | Disinformation

  • He founded an astronomy department at New Mexico State University, and continued his work, discovering a comet, a nova, five open clusters, a globular cluster, and a supercluster of galaxies.

    Kate Kelly: Pluto May No Longer Be a Planet but Its Discoverer is still a Star

  • The beautiful complexity of a single atom is mind-boggling, let alone a single cell ... let alone a supercluster of galaxies.

    Wired Top Stories

  • This means that an object of enormous size (such as a supercluster of galaxies) must be exerting gravitational pull on our galaxy.

    George F. Smoot - Autobiography

  • At the each station on the ramp, there is a comparison, like 'if the Hayden sphere is the size of the known universe, then this marble is the size of the Virgo supercluster of galaxies'.

    Start Spreading the News...

  • November 4th, 2009 at 2:55 pm miccroverses, the 'Great Attractor' is a a gravitational anomaly probably a supercluster of galaxies hidden behind the dust and gas of our own Milky Way Galaxy in the direction of Centaurus, Norma and Hydra.

    Do "Skeleton" Filaments Give Structure to the Universe? | Universe Today

  • If one considers the universe to be operating through us, then it has every single discovery, every understood notion, every invention and limitless, unbounded creativity at its disposal - spread through every solar system, every galaxy, every supercluster and every being like us that resides within them.

    What’s the (Dark) Matter?


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