from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • intransitive v. To act as a swashbuckler, as in a movie or play.


from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

Back-formation from swashbuckler.


  • He, who was sheer bladed steel in the imperious flashing of his will, could swashbuckle and bully like any over-seas roisterer, or wheedle as wickedly winningly as the first woman out of Eden or the last woman of that descent.


  • No offense to those who liked the Errol Flynn version the best (the man sure could swashbuckle), but please stop calling him the "original".

    Final Epic Robin Hood Movie Trailer | /Film

  • A gleeful, no-holds-barred nod to Charles Dickens, peppered liberally with doses of Gothic and swashbuckle.

    Possibly We Got A Little Carried Away With Our Holiday Gift Recommendations

  • V. F.'s guest editor and Ed Coaster swashbuckle from Bamako to Soweto.

    July 2007 Table of Contents

  • Raised by an anthropologist mother specializing in women's studies and a father who taught college English, she grew up to swashbuckle her way through Yale and then Oxford as a Rhodes scholar.

    The Power And The Glory

  • But the crowd roared even more when the real Steve Jobs unveiled the new iBook -- the latest evidence that no computer company can swashbuckle like Apple.

    Apple?S Ibook: A Mac To Go

  • I'm just saying its nice to have someone around who knows how to swashbuckle.

    wear an eyepatch

  • What's more, these guys see their quest as a shot in the dark, and with the courage of youth-and the swashbuckle from consuming probably too much science fiction-they show none of the inbred timidity that supposedly characterizes their countrymen.

    Random Access Online: Recipe For Success? Follow The Geeks

  • Looks at Zuma Dogg and extends hand for handshake Zuma lad, it is not that I wish you to remain silent; rather, if you will, observe this battle rather than draw your sword and swashbuckle.

    Buy Zuma Dogg's Silence

  • And if you weren't waiting, then swashbuckle away with ye.



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