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  • n. In a machine for polishing plate-glass, a movable table or bed to which a plate of glass is cemented for polishing. Also called runner.
  • n. In glass manufacturing, a table on which plate-glass is cut and squared after it has been polished.


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  • A wide cushioned locker ran along either side a foot above the floor, and a swing-table, fixed above the trunk, filled up most of the space between.

    Vane of the Timberlands

  • "T'cht!" his wife put in briskly, banging down a couple of clean teacups on the swing-table.

    Shining Ferry

  • In the centre of the cabin hung a swing-table, much worn, and stained all over with the marks of countless glasses and pannikins.

    Micah Clarke His Statement as made to his three grandchildren Joseph, Gervas and Reuben During the Hard Winter of 1734

  • The swing-table which for seventy odd days had been always on the move, if ever so little, hung quite still above the soup-tureen.

    The Mirror of the Sea

  • Then something very funny or very joyous seemed to tickle the pair of them at precisely the same moment, and they laughed aloud till all the glasses on the swing-table rang out a jingling chorus.

    As We Sweep Through The Deep

  • Prudy, who was sitting at a little distance, under a swing-table, eating ginger snaps, was suddenly seized upon by the two little Indian constables.

    Dotty Dimple At Home

  • "The vessel is as steady as a house, and the swing-table we are eating our breakfast on is as even as your dining-room table at home."

    Miss or Mrs?

  • a swing-table upon which a map of the Low Countries was spread amid regimental lists and reports, writing materials, works on fortification, official seals and piles of papers not yet reduced to order.

    The Blue Pavilions


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