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  • n. Alternative capitalization of Tabasco (hot sauce).
  • n. A tabasco pepper.


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See Tabasco.


  • The use of tabasco never .. sangrita is made with Cholula.

    Sangrita and sangria

  • As far as brownies go, I am making tabasco brownies from the tabasco website for valentines.

    Bites from other Blogs | Baking Bites

  • I like mine with a little tabasco sprinkled on the and a cold beverage

    Pigskins...Delicious and Productive

  • ¬†She had smuggled a tiny bottle of tabasco under her plate, and he tapped it over an oyster.


  • I know you're probably not thinking about it right now, but tabasco -- this is a big product that comes out of Louisiana.

    CNN Transcript Sep 1, 2008

  • Sometimes the "arty" cinema is like a box of chocolates: You never know when you'll bite into one that some psycho tampered with and laced with tabasco and dog mess.

    send in the nouns

  • Now, instead of a prize-winning wine list, Mr. Giambastiani bottles his own low-fructose agave-syrup-based sodas and housemade tabasco-style hot sauce with its own wiseacre label ( "No humans were abused in the testing of this product").

    Googling Lunch

  • The mother, Mila Petrov, then allegedly beat Melanie some more and finally force fed her tabasco sauce, a regular punishment, investigators learned.

    CNN Transcript Sep 29, 2007

  • And by taking a swig of tabasco, you are switching on that avoidance mechanism.

    CNN Transcript Jan 25, 2007

  • I had so much much food and some hashbrowns covered in ketchup and tabasco sauce!

    naima101 Diary Entry


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