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  • n. A light wooden frame used for straining and holding flat the material forming the ground in tambour-work.


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  • “This must be destroyed,” he said after a pause, pointing to the tambour-frame.

    A Woman of Thirty

  • Lady Maria never lifted up her eyes from her tambour-frame.

    The Virginians

  • Lady Maria over her tambour-frame escaped without the least notice, and scarcely lifted up her head from her embroidery, to watch the aunt retreating, or the looks which mamma-inlaw and sister threw at one another.

    The Virginians

  • Castlewood departed by another issue; and then the demure eyes looked up from the tambour-frame on which they had persisted hitherto in examining the innocent violets and jonquils.

    The Virginians

  • He entered the house alone, turning at once into the little morning-room, where he looked vaguely about for his mother's tambour-frame which was not in its place beside the window.

    The Genius

  • 'I shall be thirty in September, and we no longer look at society through a tambour-frame,' she said, hardily.

    The Pool in the Desert

  • He came to himself, at long intervals, to find that he had been looking about his room and wondering how it had formerly been furnished -- whether a settee in buttercup or petunia satin had stood under the farther window, whether from the centre moulding of the light lofty ceiling had depended a glimmering crystal chandelier, or where the tambour-frame or the picquet-table had stood ....


  • Her fingers, disobedient to her ambition, clumsily thumped the keys of the spinet, and by the notes of the score propped up before her she was as cruelly perplexed as by the black and red pips of the cards she conned at the gaming-table, or by the red and gold threads that were always straying and snapping on her tambour-frame.

    Zuleika Dobson

  • In the first place heaven put it in my mind to set up a great tambour-frame in my room, and to begin working upon an enormous piece of fine needlework.

    The Odyssey

  • Another red face was hurriedly concealed by its owner stooping over her tambour-frame, and Janice stitched away as if nothing else were worth a second thought.

    Janice Meredith


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