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  • n. Plural form of target.
  • v. Third-person singular simple present indicative form of target.


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  • One of their main targets is Dale Barbara ( "Barbie" to friends, "Baaaarbie" to his taunting enemies), an ex-military man who is just looking for the simple life of a short-order cook until the dome interrupts his plans.

    REVIEW: Under the Dome by Stephen King

  • The Word targets our feelings through what I call “Aha!” experiences.

    If I Really Believe, Why Do I Have These Doubts?

  • Did he in his conversations with the Prime Minister he used the term targets?

    Background Briefing On Japan

  • Q When you first started off, you used the term targets and I wasn't clear whether you said the President did or did not use it.

    Background Briefing On Japan

  • Among his targets is the Club For Growth, a group that tarred Huckabee as insufficiently conservative in the primaries and ran television ads with funding from one of Huckabee's longtime Arkansas political foes, Jackson T. Stephens Jr.

    Mike Huckabee Settles The Score - Swampland -

  • One of his targets is the annoying commercial/propaganda put out by the corn lobby to make high fructose corn syrup look harmless.

    2008 September :

  • January 6 what it called targets of rebels opposed to President Itno in

    ANC Daily News Briefing

  • TODD (on camera): Dive teams are launching over here and moving just downstream to get to what they call their targets, dozens of submerged vehicles.

    CNN Transcript Aug 4, 2007

  • Some of them were what they called targets of opportunity where they received fire and they fired back.

    CNN Transcript Nov 9, 2004

  • But a lot of them are also what they call targets of opportunity, noticing insurgents activity, for instance, in a specific house, where they then either dropped a bomb on that house or attack it.

    CNN Transcript Nov 11, 2004


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