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  • He had left Calumet Camp on the Yukon with a light pack on his back, to go up Paul Creek to the divide between it and Cherry Creek, where his party was prospecting and hunting moose.

    First Version of To Build A Fire

  • I think some of the past neglect of London in the universities is due to (1) his sitting between key period breaks in the artificial dividing up of the American Lit curriculum, (2) his socialism, working class bluntness, and anti-scholar attitudes; (3) failure of literature professors to read him in more depth and recognize his versatility and importance beyond Call of the Wild and the Yukon stories.

    Interview With Historian and Writer Clarice Stasz

  • He unhitched Wolf Fang from her sled, put him at the head of Harrington's team, and mushed the string of animals into the Yukon trail.


  • Here, Sitka Charley, the "master of reality" (as depicted in "The Sun-Dog Trail"), whose wisdom of the trail transcends such matters as where, how, and when to travel in the Yukon country, and how to survive, is on trail with the former sea-captain Clove Eppingwell and his wife, a white man known only as "Joe," and the Indians Kah-Chucte and Gowhee.

    “. . .the eternal mystery of woman.”

  • But London had endured 60 below in the Klondike and knew winds blowing across Lake Lindeman in the Yukon and across the North Atlantic sealing lanes.


  • As far north as the Yukon where Struan's had an oil-prospecting joint venture with the Canadian timber and mining giant, McLean-Woodley.

    Noble House

  • The story has a message -- "Shame ... lay not in the failure to accomplish, but in the failure to strive" -- and has Walt in his new canoe on the Yukon with the Indian boy Chilkoot Jim, heading down to Dawson, 70 miles distant.

    “. . .the eternal mystery of woman.”

  • After a harrowing chase with temperatures dropping to 40 below, Walt reaches the Commissioner's office in Dawson and because of his exploit, "the men of the Yukon have become very proud of him, and always speak of him now as the King of Mazy May."

    “. . .the eternal mystery of woman.”

  • The agent's eyes followed the red line that tracked north of Quebec, across Hudson Bay and Great Bear Lake, past the Yukon and far out over the Bering Sea.

    I, TOO, DREAM....

  • They are to be married by Father Mahan on board the steamer Cassiar when the Yukon ice breaks.

    “. . .the eternal mystery of woman.”


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  • In general, everyone calls Yukon "The Yukon" even though it's technically like calling Canada 'The Canada', France 'The France' or USA 'The USA'

    June 10, 2013