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  • “Go back to your own country and stop taking jobs from the citizens of Trinity County,” the ranch hand snarled in his face.

    Plain Language

  • Those whites who knew the truth would deny it—Tom Rawlins and his wife, who continued to nurture their animosity toward him because of their daughter—and the few remaining cowhands who had been working at the ranch when J.


  • Then there was the winter; the trees bare now, the snow blowing so you could not see, the saddle wet, then frozen as you came down-hill, breaking a trail through the snow, trying to keep your legs moving, and the sharp, warming taste of whiskey when you hit the ranch and changed your clothes in front of the big open fireplace.

    Hemingway on Hunting

  • We wouldn't have to get married till after you've got this hair-bobbing thing done, and then we could set you up on the ranch with faxes and a modem and e-mail.

    Futures Imperfect

  • A.out the 15th of November, the Kid, Foliard, Tom Pickett, and Buck Edwards stole eight head of fine horses from the ranch of A. Grzelachowski, at A.amo Gordo, and started in the direction of White Oaks with them.

    The Authentic Life of Billy The Kid

  • BLIGHT COUNTY, IDAHO, sheriff Bo Tully drove slowly up the long gravel driveway leading to the ranch house.

    The Huckleberry Murders

  • As the chestnut lunged to make good its escape, Sharon ran an intercepting course that would place her directly in the path of the horses and hopefully prevent them from bolting down the ranch lane to the road.

    Western Man

  • Poulson disappeared in the winter, supposedly on a trip to Mexico, and the ground around the ranch would have been frozen solid.

    The Huckleberry Murders

  • She would spend most weekends with the president and Laura Bush in Camp David, where she had her own cabin, and often vacation at the ranch in Crawford, Texas, where she sometimes stayed in the guest bedroom of the main house.

    In the Shadow of the Oval Office

  • He was a truly magnificent animal, tall and powerful, midnight black with a white blaze on his forehead and an ox-head brand from the ranch of his breeder hence the name Bu-cephalas—“ox-head”.

    Alexander the Great


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