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  • Seeing the success of the rock gabion installation last year, he's also been talking with fellow permaculture designer Nick Huggins about the addition of several living bamboo gabions to slow the rapid erosion of stream banks.

    Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

  • He walked along the hard strand, shoes on—he had been warned that the rock rubble was as sharp as a razor, and had lamed many.

    Morgan’s Run

  • The ballist blew on his hand several times before grabbing the rock for his final throw.


  • My mother and Uncle Fedya are sitting on the rock talking.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • Kolya skips stones on the far side of the narrow beach, away from the rock where we pile our clothes.

    A Mountain of Crumbs

  • With that he led the way from the room, and the transition from the age-piled gloom of the rock chamber to the bright aluminum and plastic of the halls of the starbase was like emerging from dreams into the cold brightness of an eternal and artificial day.


  • About ten years ago they dug a cache of old Karsid records out of the rock here, the only ones they've found outside the Klingon Empire.


  • As anyone who has ever looked up from the plain toward the rock wall of the Italian Alps knows, the mountains are overpowering.

    The Spartacus War

  • Her eye, drawn horizontally on the plains, was now swept vertically, following the deep-green spires of spruce and pine, and the rock cliffs, which were a beautiful shade of red—like her North Carolina dirt, only peachier, with a dusting of sparkles when the sun glanced off the rock face.

    Plain Language

  • The gloveman fielded the rock cleanly and gunned it over to Abner Powell at first bag for the out.



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  • Newfoundlanders' slang term for their island country. I've seen it elsewhere, but the most recent usage I've seen is:

    "Newfoundland (rhymes with "understand"), an island about the size of Virginia at the eastern end of the Gulf of St. Lawrence, is nicknamed The Rock by its inhabitants, and for good reason: The coastline is a jagged cragginess of cliffs, and the interior is an uninhabitable rock plateau of alternating ridges and waterlogged troughs." --Paula Stone, "A Trip Off the Old Rock," Washington Post, Sunday, April 22, 2007; Page P01.

    January 5, 2008