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  • To quell the anger of Captain Wheelock, CAG Marshall Beebe restricted VF-54 to the ship for four days while the other squadrons took liberty.

    First Man

  • When the ship fired its polaron beam at one mine, others within that defensive sphere reacted to the threat, homing in on the source of the beam and attacking it en masse.

    Creative Couplings

  • Even more so than during her travels since leaving the da Vinci less than a week ago, the usually stalwart security chief found herself once again walking wobbly and feeling queasy as the ship sped toward its meeting with Thelkan traders.


  • After a final, cautious communicator scan of the base he returned to the ship himself and took his post on the bridge, preparing the ship to leave orbit, watching the gleaming shape of the Rapache still riding in its orbit, mentally weighing possibilities against inevitable consequences.


  • To lose herself in a momentary fling, a bit of passion, just to have some time to forget all that had happened aboard the U.S.S. da Vinci, the fate of Duffy, McAllan, Barnak, and a score of others, the sorrow of the surviving crew ... in point of fact, getting away from it all while the ship was being repaired was the entire point of booking this journey.


  • A bad omen for what was to come, typhoon Marge battered the Essex for two straight days, rolling the ship just ten degrees shy of its thirty-five-degree capsize point.

    First Man

  • It had traditionally been thought that the ship sank farther down the coast, closer to Assateague Island.

    Moon Dance

  • Rochefort testified to the Congressional Investigating Committee on February 15, 1946 that his staff could handle and translate the ship movements.


  • Since the story is about Pi's long journey in a lifeboat with a tiger, after the ship in which his family and the zoo's animals are being transported to

    The Telegraph - Calcutta (Kolkata) - Frontpage

  • Following another refurbishing of the ship in Yokosuka lasting from October 31 to November 12, 1951, the Essex and its air group returned to action, again off Wonsan Bay.

    First Man


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