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  • verb Make thematic; organize in themes.
  • verb linguistics Convert a sentence or a part of it into a theme; modify a verb form by adding a thematic vowel.


from Wiktionary, Creative Commons Attribution/Share-Alike License

From Greek themat- + -ize


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  • Matilda (1819), both of which thematize the status of incest in developing consciousness of this reality.

    Attached to Reading: Mary Shelley's Psychical Reality 2008

  • Taken as a group, the Turkish Tales obsessively thematize the figure we know as the Byronic hero: a dark, brooding figure with some mysterious tragedy in his past; always alone, even in a crowd, he displays a world-weariness that nevertheless gathers itself into a reluctant heroism at moments of crisis.

    Byron and Romantic Occidentalism 2008

  • First, most obviously and most superficially, they thematize it.

    K. Silem Mohammad Reads Elizabeth Bachinsky Lemon Hound 2008

  • First, most obviously and most superficially, they thematize it.

    Archive 2008-09-01 Lemon Hound 2008

  • My subtitle, chosen for clarity, will have its pugnacious thrust slightly (if only slightly) muffled over the following pages, which thematize "misreading" not, or not only or primarily, as a mode of contingent error, but rather as a condition of all interpretation, especially forceful interpretation that ends up making a difference.

    Professing Literature: John Guillory's Misreading of Paul de Man 2005

  • It will be noted that the concept of “meaning” comes into discussions of history in at least three different ways: the meaning of individual actions within historical events; the meaning of a set of historical events within the broad sweep of history; and the meanings created in later actors as they thematize and represent the narratives of their past.

    Philosophy of History Little, Daniel 2007

  • Once again, as in Radical Literary Education, I thematize the subject, focusing at the beginning on Rousseau in his Confessions and Reveries and on Goethe in The Sorrows of Young Werther, as crucial substrata for writing in the (traditionally designated) British Romantic period.

    Passion and Romantic Poetics 1998

  • Sartre, along with many others, mainly understood this scenario in terms of a nuclear war, though I have to wonder if it was because of Sartre's affinity for Maoism and for Tiers Mondialism (and anti-colonial struggle in general) that he did not mainly thematize the third in terms of inter-imperialist nuclear conflict.

    Kasama 2009

  • While Mazlish ably describes four major challenges to human identity from the sixteenth century to the contemporary era, there are many additional developments in the decentering process and human identity formation that are important to highlight and thematize [9].

    Thomas Paine's Corner 2009

  • To thematize the metonymic abuses of modernity is to disenchant the rational, wholly enlightened disenchantment that, as Adorno and Horkheimer would corroborate, practices a magic of its own.

    TELOSscope: The Telos Press blog 2009


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