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  • n. A monarch's public audience chamber (usually large, ornate and designed to impress), where the throne is situated.


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  • A spiral staircase of rusting ironwork led from her tower rooms to the second floor of the keep, where the regal apartments, presence chamber, and cavernous throne room were situated.

    Conqueror's Moon

  • The throne room was stone cold and thick with shadows, except for the lights used by the ministering wizards and a single silver-gilt oil lamp that hung above the throne itself.

    Conqueror's Moon

  •     The throne room of the blockhouse was a rough, frontier affair,

    The Brothers' War

  • Carol entered the wide, opulent throne room where Tirza Sirajaldin paced like a caged, mad animal.


  • There were floats showing all the highlights of the African campaigns, from the snails of Muluchath to the amazing Martha the Syrian prophetess; she was the star of the pageant displays, reclining on a purple-and-gold couch atop a huge float arranged as a facsimile of Prince Gauda’s throne room in Old Carthage, with an actor portraying Gaius Marius, and another actor filling Gauda’s twisted shoes.

    The First Man in Rome

  • And I, who stood on the Rock of Athens and broke the northern hordes; who cleansed the Isthmus, and changed the customs of Eleusis; who killed Asterion Minotaur in the throne room of the Labyrinth, and carried the bounds of Attica as far as the Isle of Pelops: I will not sit down in the house of my fathers to hear young children say, "Was that Theseus once?"

    The Bull From The Sea

  • He was cut off as a wailing gully dwarf barreled into the throne room and straight through the knot of knights that had gathered around Gell and Blim.

    Father Swarat

  • Elayne hurried to the Grand Hall, the throne room of Andor.

    The Path of Daggers

  • She whispered the spells commanding them and vanished from the confining arms of the warlocks like a puff of vapor, leaving the knotted silk cords behind in a heap on the scuffed rush matting of the throne room floor. thirteen

    Conqueror's Moon


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