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  • adv. To achieve the previously specified goal.


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  • Alexander and his deeds Aeschines spoke thus: "Assuredly we do not live the life of mortal men; but to this end were we born, that in after ages wonders might be told of us," as if what Alexander had done seemed to him miraculous.

    The New Organon

  • It occurred to him that he should acquire a large dog and train it to bite Italians, and to this end he bought an animal from Stamatis that was guaranteed to be patriotic, since its own sire already had achieved a long and honourable record of biting at the calves of soldiers.

    Captain Corelli's Mandolin

  • A committee of two of these, St. Charles Borromeo and Vitellozzo Vitelli, was appointed to consider certain improvement in the discipline and administration of the papal choir, and to this end they associated to themselves eight of the choir members.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 11: New Mexico-Philip

  • He suggests, therefore, that to this end you call at the offices of Consolidated Oils, Pty.

    Killer Dolphin

  • There is the sprinkling of holy water, confession to a priest, penances, in fasting and some other abstinences, that are supposed to be of wonderful virtue to this end and purpose.


  • It was to this end that the Tetra Laminator had been developed.

    Strategic Management in Developing Countries Case Studies

  • He bolts through the door from the circle to this end of the foyer meaning to duck into the loo before Jobbins gets up.

    Killer Dolphin

  • It was now decided that as a nobleman's chaplain it would be well for him to have a university degree, and to this end his name was entered on the boards of Trinity College, Cambridge, through the good offices of Bishop Watson of Llandaff, with a view to his obtaining a degree without residence.


  • Neither did our Lord Jesus Christ nor his apostles ever make use of such arguments or motives for the ingenerating of faith in the minds of men, nor have they given directions for the use of any such arguments to this end and purpose.


  • To this course of manipulations it is proposed to add a course of lectures on Agricultural Chemistry as modified by our own climate and soil, and to this end the professor in this department hopes ere long to fully acquaint himself with the peculiar wants and capabilities of N. Carolina and the other Southern states.

    Letter from Charles Phillips and Benjamin Sherwood Hedrick to David L. Swain, October 13, 1853


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