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  • n. A name given by Snyder to his apparatus for making a wire traverse the field of a transitinstrument with a uniform motion adjustable to the speed of a star, keeping the star continually bisected, automatically registering its passage across certain definite points in the field of view, and so eliminating the personal equation of the observer.


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  • Russia as supplier and Ukraine as transiter did not fulfill their commitments on gas deliveries to the European Union.

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  • Nous étant p'titoos avons vu d'autres p'titoos sans défense nu transiter dans un car entre laroquebrou direction brives la gaillarde cantal en FRANKREICH vers 2h00 du matin

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  • Not without justification, he considers that both the Ukraine and Russia were losers in the gas conflict, inasmuch as the former showed itself as an unreliable transiter, and the latter - an unreliable supplier.

    Robert Amsterdam

  • One of Russia's objectives had been to prove to the European Union that the Ukraine is an unreliable transiter, and thereby to rouse the officials and businessmen of the European Union to invest in the construction of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to bypass the Ukraine.

    Robert Amsterdam


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