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  • v. Simple past tense and past participle of transpierce.


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  • As Blessed Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote: "O Queen of Virgins, you are also the Queen of Martyrs; but it was written within your heart that the sword transpierced you, for with you everything took place within your soul."

    Tea at Trianon

  • The sequined matador, a stoic in the stadium, eyes a spooked, bleeding bull (neck transpierced), and dips a red linen cape before his front —        zealots, in their cups, bawl for the final pass.


  • When the King heard her speech, it transpierced his heart with the arrows of love and he bade her enter the palace with him, that he might send to the Kazi and release her brother.

    The Book of The Thousand Nights And A Night

  • Battle ensues; they discharge their spears at each other, and legs and arms are transpierced.

    The Settlement at Port Jackson

  • Carlo Visconti, being nearer the door, and the duke having passed, could not wound him in front: but with two strokes, transpierced his shoulder and spine.

    The History of Florence

  • Well has it been said that whosoever prays to her with faith and constancy can never be lost or cast away: and fitly is she too a haven of refuge for the afflicted because of the seven dolours which transpierced her own heart.


  • We now approached the car, which had been transpierced in every direction, and whose remaining portions were glowing with heat in consequence of the spreading of the atomic vibrations.

    Edison's Conquest of Mars

  • Giant-fiend of a hundred hands, with a shower of arrowy death-pangs he transpierced me; and then he became a Wolf, and lay gnawing my bones!

    The Opium Habit

  • I have seen an imperfect drawing of the arms, Party per fess, a goblet transpierced with a dagger.

    Notes and Queries, Number 27, May 4, 1850

  • Issuing from the heights, the enemy's forces came down upon us in great numbers, and the points of the horizon were crowded with the array of mighty elephants, like another chain of mountains: they bore down our infantry beneath their ponderous masses: those who escaped the shock were transpierced by innumerable arrows and the enemy flattered himself he had for once disappointed our commander's hopes.

    Tales from the Hindu Dramatists


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