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  • n. sadness

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  • n. Sadness; melancholy: in modern use as a French word.


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From French tristesse


  • Eventually the statuesque and barely made-up Helena Pikon, often resembling a caryatid in her straight-and-narrow stance, takes on the persona of a sorrowing Penelope from the "Odyssey" as she makes her mark as something of a loner in this community, often trailing tristesse in her wake.

    Tides of Memory

  • Few will deny that this final burst of warmth and sunshine is welcome, but it is not without its tristesse.

    But do we really want a barbecue autumn? | Alex Clark

  • Losing the third act would not only prevent films from overstaying their welcome, it would also bypass that inevitable post-action tristesse when the third act fails to live up to its predecessors by delivering a coup de grace that is bigger and better than anything we've seen in the film so far, and by extension anything we've seen in the cinema, ever.

    Anne Billson on three-act structure

  • While such lost privileges are peanuts in comparison to the elephant's tristesse, * another mama's support is soothing all the same.

    French Word-A-Day:

  • It can be more about us and all of the things we have in common: l'espoir, la peur, la colère, l'orgueil; la tristesse, besoin.

    aveugle - French Word-A-Day

  • The best American paean to long happy marriage I can think of is Richard Wilbur's poem "For C," which begins with depictions of passionate sorrowfully parting lovers and then: "We are denied, my love, their fine tristesse."

    Literary ideology of adultery

  • References: best friend = (see Susan's bio here); shon-tee-ay = pronunciation for "chantier" (construction site); Rouge-Bleu = nickname for my friend (also the name of our vineyard); la tristesse (f) = sadness

    French Word-A-Day:

  • It was difficult to quantify, this tristesse, but it was truly present.

    Miletos Tristesse

  • It would have brought such moral lift to those suffering at home from secular humanist anal-sex tristesse.

    Party Pooper--or Party Snooper?: James Wolcott

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