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  • adj. Apt to truckle, often fawning, obsequious, ingratiating.
  • v. Present participle of truckle.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Apt to truckle; cringing; fawning; slavish; servile; also, characteristic of a truckler: as, a truckling expedient.

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  • n. the act of obeying meanly (especially obeying in a humble manner or for unworthy reasons)


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  • Mr. Hastings singles out, as an example of such truckling, "Stanley McChrystal's Long War," an October 2009 profile by Mr. Filkins in the New York Times.

    Antiwar Reporting

  • It is known that the late D of Grafton often attended the chapple in Essex Street, and a busy friend of mine thought perhaps that I too might make a pretty little Unitarian, He therefore wrote the D without my knowledge an intimation that I would attend there, but feard that my attendance would look like truckling to my great patron who sat in the gallery? —

    Letter 354

  • In 1856, the American Party opposed "the reckless and unwise policy of the present administration" and "a truckling subserviency" to "foreigners."

    Martin Nolan: Arizona for Arizonans, Now!

  • The Democrats have been out of power for so long they're afraid to lose any handhold they have, and the press and media have become so used to truckling to the Administration, it is almost a lost battle.

    CT-02: Courtney Blasts Ex-Simmons Volunteer For "Blogging Hate" And Holocaust Imagery

  • McCain's truckling to Falwell and tub thumping for Bush may finish him fast.

    Bill Curry: And They're Off

  • The governor, sensitive to old-fashioned political ideas like not truckling to Washington, and still out of touch with the full scope of the hurricane's damage, turned him down.

    What Went Wrong

  • If, therefore, Alexius Comnenus was, during his anxious seat upon the throne of the East, reduced to use a base and truckling course of policy — if he was sometimes reluctant to fight when he had a conscious doubt of the valour of his troops — if he commonly employed cunning and dissimulation instead of wisdom, and perfidy instead of courage — his expedients were the disgrace of the age, rather than his own.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • I will none of such truckling, disgraceful to the dead perhaps as to the living.

    Count Robert of Paris

  • I will serve this poor Queen as a subject should serve an imprisoned and wronged sovereign — they who placed me in her service have to blame themselves — who sent me hither, a gentleman trained in the paths of loyalty and honour, when they should have sought out some truckling, cogging, double-dealing knave, who would have been at once the observant page of the Queen, and the obsequious spy of her enemies.

    The Abbot

  • Karl Rove visible all over his conduct and in the design of his discovered and probable actions -- casual contempt for professional merit, indifference to proved ability, and the belief that genuine competence may be punished when not leavened by performances of truckling loyalty -- Gonzales pleaded for a second chance.

    David Bromwich: The Honor of Alberto Gonzales


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