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  • n. The cardinal number immediately following twenty-four and preceding twenty-six.
  • n. A solitaire card game with the goal of making a five-by-five square of cards so that every row and column is valid.

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  • n. the cardinal number that is the sum of twenty-four and one
  • adj. being five more than twenty


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  • And I’ll never forget going to my hometown theater and seeing my name twenty-five feet across the screen—the same theater where I used to watch hundreds of movies, growing up.

    Chicken Soup for The Soul: Extraordinary Teens

  • One way or another, every ship in the invasion fleet got the word within twenty-five minutes.

    The Do-or-Die Men

  • But who else is gonna know how to spell the Sisko’s name twenty-five thousand years ago?


  • Because Andrade was convicted of two counts of petty theft with a prior, he was sentenced under the California three-strikes law to two sentences of twenty-five years to life to run consecutively.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • Because of his prior convictions, he was sentenced to life in prison with no possibility of parole for twenty-five years.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • About a year earlier, I had mentioned to Peter that I was seeking U.S. Supreme Court review on behalf of a man, Stanley Durden, who had received a life sentence with no possibility of parole for twenty-five years for stealing an umbrella and two bottles of liquor worth forty-three dollars from a supermarket on a cold, rainy night.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • I can identify only two cases in the twenty-five years since Strickland in which the Supreme Court has found ineffective assistance of counsel.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • The Edgewood Independent School District, with approximately 22,000 students enrolled in its twenty-five elementary and secondary schools, was one of the poorer ones.

    The Conservative Assault on the Constitution

  • As the Brussels-based Academic Cooperation Association the ACA notes, European programs of study taught in English have tripled since 2003 and now number nearly twenty-five hundred.

    The English Is Coming!

  • The known Old English vocabulary totals around twenty-five thousand; English today boasts over one million.

    The English Is Coming!


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