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  • adj. Not subject to appeal: an unappealable grievance.

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  • adj. Not appealable; that may not be appealed, or sent to a higher court for judgement

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  • adj. Not appealable; that can not be carried to a higher tribunal by appeal.
  • adj. Not to be appealed from; -- said of a judge or a judgment that can not be overruled.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Not appealable; incapable of being carried to a higher court by appeal: as, an unappealable cause.
  • Not to be appealed from; final: as, an unappealable judge.

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  • adj. not subject to appeal


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un- +‎ appealable


  • Unless it rules in Mrs. Lawrence's favor the original tribal-court opinion is "unappealable," says Bonnie Kane, who is representing Mrs. Lawrence.

    Plaintiffs Suing U.S. Tribes

  • All of which requires you to imagine a virtual transformation of human nature and a voluntary transfer of national power to what in effect will be the unappealable judgments of a world government.

    How the End Begins

  • My wife (Mexican) was refused a fiancée visa to the U.S. with the stated "reason" of "attempted visa fraud", something my U.S. immigration lawyer told us was totally unappealable.

    Page 2

  • Or, in the other direction, an easy registration requirement coupled with unappealable forfeiture on non-compliance.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Diane Wood on the Second Amendment

  • So far, Obama's campaign message has hardly attacked McCain as a completely unappealable candidate.

    Rasmussen: McCain Narrowly Up In Nevada And Virginia

  • Here, a second limitation period starts when the verdict has become unappealable.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » He Says “Scary” Like It’s a Bad Thing

  • He has the last word in everything; his decision is unappealable.


  • IOW, FISC has made a secret an unappealable decision that FISA is unconstitutional, allowing the President to break it without either ackowledging that he is breaking it or having FISA overturned in any public venue.


  • Questioning what proved to be an unappealable decision, in response to my complaining about a retired Judge, revealed that the Lord Chancellor has a statutory obligation to defend the judiciary.

    Medical Whistleblower to Vexatious Correspondent

  • Not content with the government's virtually unfettered ability to tap the phone, search the home, or read the email of any suspected terrorist – with the rubber-stamped approval of the secret and unappealable Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court – President Bush vested himself with the power to monitor the phone calls of anyone sufficiently threatening to be classified as a terrorist or activist, civil libertarian or public librarian.

    Democracy on Holiday


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