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  • adj. Unable to be reached; inaccessible: camped out in a remote cabin unreachable by telephone.

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  • adj. Unable to be reached; impossible to attain.
  • n. A person or thing that cannot be reached.

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  • adj. inaccessibly located or situated


From un- + reach + -able. (Wiktionary)


  • And I thought that the house, a supposed place of nurturing, of family and fellowship, was so far away, symbolically unreachable from the woman’s emotional point of view.

    readers respond | wyeth & peterson « poetry dispatch & other notes from the underground

  • Being unreachable is a conscious choice that T and I have made: we could have cell phones, but we don’t.

    Archive 2005-07-01

  • “Reach the unreachable is our basic motto where we want to reach the rural village and take technology and internet within the reach of every Nepali,” added Aryal.

    CAN IT Conference Started Today

  • The Purchase, N.Y., beverage giant and partner Waste Management Inc. are in search of the green movement's elusive prey, the so-called unreachable bottle tossed away by people on the go.

    PepsiCo Plans Recycling Initiative

  • They set in when a goal is identified as unreachable and lead to a decline in motivation.


  • So perhaps all these layers of varnish that are "unreachable" below the glazes, could explain some of the color changes?

    Daybreak Blues

  • The one who sits with you night after night, listening to your tired rants until they simply end up walking around you as you morph from 'unreachable' to 'not there'.

    Hedge Love. Beware

  • As you can predict, rapidly rising coal prices made the coal that was "unreachable" due to mine flooding so valuable that someone invented a pumping system, that ingeniously ran on coal.

    The Answer is "End Capitalism." (It doesn't matter what the question is)

  • Jeffrey Steinberg writing in Executive Intelligence Review said GHW Bush fears his son is obsessed with his messianic mission and is "unreachable" even by some of his closest advisors like Secretary Rice.

    The End of the Bush Dynasty

  • Jeffrey Steinberg writing in Executive Intelligence Review said G.H.W. Bush fears G.W. is obsessed with his Messianic mission and is "unreachable" even by some of his closest advisors like Secretary of State Rice.

    Afghanistan - The Other Lost War


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