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  • prep. Against; next to; near; towards; as far as.
  • prep. Capable of.
  • prep. Ready for.
  • prep. Willing to participate in.
  • prep. As much as; no more than.
  • prep. For the option or decision of.
  • prep. Doing; involved in (with implications of mischief).
  • prep. Incumbent upon; the obligation of; the duty of.
  • prep. Considering all members of an equivalence class the same.

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  • adj. busy or occupied with
  • adj. having the requisite qualities for


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  • Throwing down her carrypack, shutting down her wrist-lamp, and dropping to the ground, Pattie curled up to sleep.


  • Andie Walsh—strong enough to spurn the advances of that smarmy and evil but oh-so-popular James Spader—would never have stooped to suck up to Victoria Gould, or even Ali Gertz.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • When I used her as an excuse to nonchalantly join her friends at their brutally exclusive lunch table, Victoria publicly accused me of sucking up to Ali Gertz, which I no doubt did, Ali being the only one of those girls who was ever nice to me it is worth noting here that Molly Ringwald played Ali in the TV movie based on her life.

    Dont You Forget About Me

  • A big man dressed in a black jacket and blue jeans, with a black silk-knit tie knotted over his white shirt, strode up to my window and knocked on the glass.

    The Killing Kind

  • Unfortunately, Christians today are living up to their reputation as dumb sheep—following any obscene fad that claims the name of Christ—and abandoners of the gospel in the process.

    The Courage To Be Christian

  • At poker tables nowadays, there is a clearly visible money-slot in the table so that the players can watch the dealer as he drops the rake the standard house take is a maximum of 10 percent of each pot up to $5.

    One of a Kind

  • Y29 Brown chased after, quickly catching up to Tarak and Pattie.


  • It would then be up to the forensic anthropologist to rearticulate the bodies as best she could in the ME's office.

    The Killing Kind

  • During a break, Stuey ran up to his hotel room at the Horseshoe and called his old mentor Victor Romano.

    One of a Kind

  • At the time I held a microphone up to the television speaker to record the scene—the dialogue, yes, but mainly the song in the background, “If You Were Here” by Thompson Twins.

    Dont You Forget About Me


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