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  • Informal Contraction of want to: You wanna go now?
  • Informal Contraction of want a: You wanna slice of pie?

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  • Eye dialect spelling of want a.
  • Eye dialect spelling of want to.


Written form of a reduction of "want a", used informally in most English dialects (Wiktionary)
Written form of a reduction of “want to”, used informally in most English dialects (Wiktionary)


  • With too much pride & ego, the person could be a fukin 'wanna be.

    D drives A bonkers.

  • * edited again to add -- well, come to think of it, I'm actually a long-term wanna-be Labour voter.

    for the first time, I'm waiting eagerly for my area to declare

  • The way I see it, when Brittany and Justin wanna go pick strawberries all f cukin day with Courtney, Bethany, and Triston on behalf of Miquel and and whatver his sister’s name was and that parrot of theirs …

    Think Progress » Armey Accuses ‘Destructive’ Tancredo Of ‘Alienating’ Hispanics

  • The strangest part I’ve experienced is most republicans are largely ordinary ‘wannabe’s’ as in wanna be rich, famous, successfull businessmen and are so easily sold the propaganda that profitability will rub off on them as they labor away at making the nooses with which to hang their countrymen down through their own children.

    Think Progress » Conservatives Bow to Industry, Block Amendment to Scan All Shipping Containers

  • Which, maybe when other people hear it, they hear this sleepy, dreamy, or whatever the word you wanna use is.

    Ben Evans: A Talk With Papercuts' Jason Quever

  • The entire poem extends and sustains this image of destruction to develop the character of what Julie describes as a wanna be lover; he is just chipping chipping shady as a fox to get some piece of you, anything . . .

    Archive 2009-05-01

  • Al Gore wins a Nobel Prize for projecting global warming, and gets called a wanna-be for his efforts.


  • What shouldve happened was your Little weak ass shouldve went to jail for going on the square with all 1 of those so-called wanna-be LOUD-ASS Generals acting a complete fool!

    Guckenberger: "Fuck The Police" Not Obscene

  • Let's all go online today and donate to ActBlue. don't lose the ANGER we all feel toward elected officials who ignored our words. and don't be intimidated by the Alan Grayson/Barney Frank derogatory, name-calling wanna-be's on this board.


  • Well Andrew u r what i like to call a wanna be writer who rites ... yeah as if he's ur dad he's a manwhore but he sings good peace x



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