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  • n. Plural form of washing.


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  • The dress Sara's been living in for months, a blue denim that's two sizes bigger than the one she usually wears, soft from many washings, is soaked with sweat, pasted to her.

    Excerpt: Girls In Trouble by Caroline Leavitt

  • This precipitate is washed once or twice with alkaline water of pH 9.0 and the washings are added to the main liquid.

    Frederick G. Banting - Nobel Lecture

  • Here a bed was made up for Mary of the dainty hemstitched sheets and embroidered spread which Cecilia Meredith had once so proudly made for her spare-room, and which still survived Aunt Martha's uncertain washings.

    Rainbow Valley

  • One learns to be very economical of water when it is procured with such difficulty, learns to dry prints with blotting-paper between the successive washings, which is the best way of washing with the minimum of water.

    Ten Thousand Miles with a Dog Sled A Narrative of Winter Travel in Interior Alaska

  • Jews made use, that is, the washings before their meals.

    Catena Aurea - Gospel of Mark

  • It was a received doctrine in the Jewish schools, that children, according to some wickedness of their parents, were born lame, or crooked, or maimed and defective in some of their parts, &c.; by which they kept parents in awe, lest they should grow remiss and negligent in the performance of some rites which had respect to their being clean, such as washings and purifyings, &c.

    From the Talmud and Hebraica

  • The waste coal, also known as 'washings', was transported to the station by road and rail from surrounding coalfields.

    The Engineer - News

  • "washings" (Heb. 9: 10, 13, 19, 21) or "baptisms," designates them all.

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • R.V. marg., "washings;" 9: 10); sprinkling with blood and water

    Easton's Bible Dictionary

  • The fabric of the pajamas was faded and pilling, it left nubs of fabric over the surface of it and spoke of uncounted washings and wearings.

    Time of Death


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