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  • TELEVISION the real housewives franchise expanded to yet another city this past week with the ladies of washington dc finally getting their closeup. trending more towards the affluent socialites of new york rather than the tacky suburban excess of new jersey, the dc set seems poised to bring beltway waspiness


  • Well, you're seeing subtle antisemitism because you associate money with waspiness, and because you are focused on new york city wasps. speaking as someone who is part-wasp, and from connecticut, everyone i know in wasp culture is deeply and quite openly antisemitic. in fact, a yacht club family members of mine belong to doesn't allow jewish people, and a private neighborhood a friend lives in rejects jewish people who want to live there. wasps in new york quite simply start to resemble their surroundings. which would be new monied jewish people. the wasp establishment here is only very slightly different than the jews they secretly hate. they're quite delusional if they believe they're a different breed. many of the people you seem to consider old money may also be delusional -- 100 years isn't old, no matter how vast the wealth.

    Jamie Johnson: Wasps Stung over Renaming of the N.Y.P.L.: Jamie Johnson

  • by Matias Faldbakkan on Edward Norton and waspiness that is very disorientating in a good way.



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