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  • n. The mathematical representation of a wave, especially a graph obtained by plotting a characteristic of the wave against time.

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  • n. The shape of a wave function represented by a graph showing some dependent variable as function of an independent variable.
  • n. The shape of a physical wave, such as sound, electric current or electromagnetic radiation, or its representation obtained by plotting a charecteristic of the phenomenon (such as voltage) versus another variable, often time.

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  • n. the shape of a wave illustrated graphically by plotting the values of the period quantity against time


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wave +‎ form


  • I used the waveform from a digitized cello tone as the basis waveform for the oscillators.

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  • With BCPs the waveform is a square wave or even one time step function, whereas without BCPs it is more akin the a sawtooth wave, possibly even a quasi periodic one.

    Q.e.d. « Climate Audit

  • This allows for a 0V/+5V incoming waveform, which is exactly what the EUSART expects.

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  • Until then sent to obtain the waveform pattern be permanently mounted in the gain less capacitive loading, probes with trace making of the time per division; of volts, and advanced digital oscilloscopes called the waveform imaging lenses, and simplest type cossor (had no change or positive light at to avoid this have difficulty finding the analog oscilloscope measurement p).

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  • They indicated a transition, all right, but no Terran or Arkonide spaceship was able to show movement through hyperspace with this kind of waveform and amplitude.

    Plasma Monster

  • This feature can also be used to periodically output any kind of waveform or bit pattern.

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  • Hardly you will hear exactly the same "waveform" twice.

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  • The new version has some new features including: More search results on a page Web pages open within the app and not in a new Safari window The Bells and Whistles feature is now easily accessible in settings A new "waveform" setting, which is [...] ....

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  • It began to warble, and a regular waveform began to scroll across the screen.

    Star Trek The Next Generation®

  • We compared the subspace granulation and your trans-slipstream waveform, and there is a connection.

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