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  • interj. Alternative spelling of whisht.
  • n. A sibilant sound, especially that of rapid movement through the air.
  • v. To make such a sound.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • To move with the whirring or whizzing sound of rapid motion.
  • Hush.
  • Silent: same as hush, whisht, whist.

from WordNet 3.0 Copyright 2006 by Princeton University. All rights reserved.

  • v. move with a whishing sound
  • v. make a sibilant sound


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  • Deh Zingermans Deli whish is shortly fer “deelishus”, aifinkso maeks dis kind ub bred and it is nummy beeyond bee-leaf.

    I tries dis. It werks for da baby birdz - Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures of Cats - I Can Has Cheezburger?

  • The video reminds me of late night advertorials, whish is disgusting since the promoters are not some schmoes off the street.

    Kindle Wonder - Anil Dash

  • How can you even say they would not roll it out on Verizon’s 3G network whish is faster than ATT’s will EVER BE!!!

    Apple To Verizon: Can I Hear LTE Now?

  • "whish" -- with the sound that a flail makes when wielded by an experienced thresher -- Dr Hellyer came down, right across my fingers, with a tingling blow from a broad flat ruler, which he must have kept concealed behind his back, as I had not seen it before.

    On Board the Esmeralda Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story

  • Had it not been for an occasional twinkle from the far-off window of some riparian villa, and the "whish" of a startled swan as it swerved aside to allow the boat to sweep by, we might easily have imagined ourselves traversing the bosom of one of those vast, solitary rivers of the wilderness across the sea.

    She and I, Volume 1

  • It descended into the sea with the same sort of "whish" which the stick of a signal rocket makes when, the propelling power that had enabled it previously to soar up so majestically into the air above being ultimately exhausted, it is forced to return by its own gravity to its proper level below, unable to sustain itself unaided by exterior help at the unaccustomed height to which it was temporarily exalted.

    On Board the Esmeralda Martin Leigh's Log - A Sea Story

  • They were nearing the cottage with the open door, but the loud voice he had heard in passing was silent now, and the stillness was oppressive -- the beating of his own heart and the soft whispering "whish" of the feet on the loose sand being all that was audible to his ears.

    Witness to the Deed

  • A dark shadow passed under their eyes -- in their ears was a rushing sound like the "whish" of a falling body -- and at the same instant a large bird darted down between them!

    Popular Adventure Tales

  • Chagrined at the occurrence, and mortified that it had been caused by our imprudence, we were turning to leave the hill, when the "whish" of a rocket attracted our attention.

    The Rifle Rangers

  • I am not speaking about Muslims or Islam, but about al Qaeda, whish, as far as I've heard, has not asked forgiveness for murdering innocent men, women and children in the fields of Pennsylvania, at the Pentagon and at Ground Zero in New York.

    Rabbi Daniel Greyber: On 9/11 And Forgiving Too Quickly


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