from The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, 4th Edition

  • adj. Having a pale face; pallid.
  • adj. Having a white face or a white patch extending from the muzzle to the forehead: a white-faced antelope; white-faced cattle.

from The Century Dictionary and Cyclopedia

  • Having a white or pale face, as from fear or illness.
  • Having a white front or surface.
  • Marked with white on the front of the head, as a bird or other animal
  • The blue-winged teal. See cut under teal


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  • He was sitting on the couch, white-faced, one sea-boot in his hands, and I could have sworn his hands were shaking.


  • People slipped by silently, furtively, like ghosts -- white-faced women carrying infants in their arms; fathers leading children by the hand; singly, and in couples, and in families-all fleeing out of the city of death.

    Page 7

  • At half after five I went below to set the cabin table, but I hardly knew what I did, for my eyes and my brain were filled with the vision of a man, white-faced and trembling, comically like a bug, clinging to the thrashing gaff.

    Chapter 6

  • Genevieve watched their excited efforts, while she listened to the white-faced second cautioning Joe.

    Chapter 6

  • But she, white-faced and trembling, resolutely shook her head and watched the fray with all her eyes.

    Bunches of Knuckles

  • Captain Dettmar, white-faced, smiling only when his employer chanced to glance at him, leaned against the wheel-box, looking on.

    Bunches of Knuckles

  • "Izzy was the product of a lesbian divorce," Colleen says of a white-faced capuchin monkey named Isadora.

    Can a Howard woman keep a bunch of monkeys in her house?

  • I suffered in silence through Bella's sullen rudeness to every person in the entire town of Forks, but when white-faced Dr. Cullen came on, played by Dr. "Coop" Cooper from Nurse Jackie, I almost broke a rib laughing so hard.


  • The next picture is of Mark's white-faced schoolfriends carrying his coffin.

    Teenage football fan stands up to Scotland's sectarian thugs

  • " I have a memory of him, white-faced, slight and thin as we all were in those more austere times, furious, standing up to some bully or other in the playground of a school."

    Christopher Hitchens: my friend, a man who never lost his taste for intimacy and good conversation | Henry Porter


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