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  • n. Plural form of willow.


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  • The wind in the willows is the whisperings of a fairy in the ear of a poet.

    Fairies Part Three « Fairegarden

  • The willows were a living example of it; they had copied the sand octopus, and by so doing had become the most invincible beings along that dreadful coast.


  • The snow was trampled by the booted feet of children; a banana skin lay close to a bitten-into bologna sandwich; and under the willows was a tiny pond criss-crossed with skate marks.

    The Dollmaker

  • Beyond the willows was a higher ground, covered with a mesquite thicket, with cattle trails winding under the thorny trees.

    Through the Grand Canyon from Wyoming to Mexico

  • A splash of blue fire in the willows was a blue bird's wing.

    Wolf Breed

  • _The custom (which we hope does not very generally obtain) of sending green ribbons, called willows, tied round bridal cards, to rejected suitors of the bride, is no doubt derived from that alluded to by Shakspeare and Herrick, and especially Fuller, who tell us the willow

    Notes and Queries, Number 179, April 2, 1853. A Medium of Inter-communication for Literary Men, Artists, Antiquaries, Genealogists, etc

  • In recent decades, it has spread along Southwestern riverbanks, replacing native trees such as willows and cottonwoods ...

    Uncategorized Blog Posts

  • Conifers, most riparian trees (such as willows and sycamores), oaks, and grasses are all wind-pollinated.

    Pollination ecology of desert plants

  • With fewer elk near the water, plants that normally grow there, such as willows, can grow taller.

    A Wolf on Your Doorstep

  • When the hive has been delivered to them clean and empty, they build their waxen cells, bringing in the juice of all kinds of flowers and the ‘tears’ or exuding sap of trees, such as willows and elms and such others as are particularly given to the exudation of gum.

    The History of Animals


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