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  • adj. comparative form of wise: more wise


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  • Indisputable enough to all mortals now, the guidance of this country has not been sufficiently wise: men too foolish have been set to the guiding and governing of it, and have guided it hither; we must find wiser, -- _wiser, _ or else we perish!

    Past and Present

  • The blessed life of 72 years that has given you so much and has made you stronger and wiser is now being displayed on TV and newspapers and blogs as a weakness, a stain and a deficit to all the experience, knowledge, wisdom gained that can be utilitize in the highest office of leadership.

    Kaine Remains Tight-Lipped on V.P. Prospects - The Caucus Blog -

  • Ah yes — "none the wiser" is the technical expression.

    Critical Thinking

  • Because Microsoft doesn't have any electoral concerns, it is wiser from the point of view of political survival, to make use of small or medium sized companies within the electoral boundaries.

    Free Code, Free Men

  • Now you see how much wiser is he who takes my advice.

    Hauff's Fairy Tales, Translated and Adapted

  • I think most lives, if, while faithfully doing our little best, day by day, we were content to leave their thread in wiser hands than ours, would thus weave themselves out; until, looked back upon as a whole, they would seem as bright a web as mine.

    John Halifax, Gentleman

  • They also feel your right; for they with you are open to the influx of the all-knowing Spirit, which annihilates before its broad noon the little shades and gradations of intelligence in the compositions we call wiser and wisest.

    Nature: Addresses and Lectures (1849)

  • I posit, now manifestly proven by the hordes of Palinistas, Tea-Party folks, registered Republicans, Fox viewers, and Limbaugh-Hannity-O'Reilly-Beck-et al fans is that, contrary to a widely popular presumption, in fact we do not grow either more responsible nor so-called wiser as we march through the years.

    All is "Lost"

  • Shall the children of this generation be called wiser or braver than the children of the sanctuary? —

    Old Mortality

  • What if Kobe Bryant becomes stronger and wiser, which is natural to expect of someone who is only 23? - Lakers on verge of true dynasty status


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