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  • noun algebraic geometry The direction aligned with the x-axis of a coordinate system.


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  • Similarly, observer O sees an airplane moving at velocity in the x-direction, in the y-direction, and in the z-direction.

    Relativity: Newtonian relativity « Skulls in the Stars 2008

  • Neither photon 1 nor photon 2 is in a definite polarization state when the pair is in the state | ψ, but their potentialities (in the terminology of Heisenberg 1958) are correlated: if by measurement or some other process the potentiality of photon 1 to be polarized along the x-direction or along the y-direction is actualized, then the same will be true of photon 2, and conversely.

    Bell's Theorem Shimony, Abner 2009

  • Thus, if a quantum mechanical system (say, an electron) is described by a superposition of two given states, say, spin in x-direction equal +1/2 and spin in x-direction equal

    ...anything but love... 2009

  • The point of contact of the wheel r or any point of the carriage C will therefore always move in a direction making an angle [phi] with the axis of x, whilst it moves in the x-direction through the same distance as the point B on the y-curve -- that is to say, it will trace out the integral curve required, and so will any point rigidly connected with the carriage C.

    Encyclopaedia Britannica, 11th Edition, Volume 4, Part 4 "Bulgaria" to "Calgary" Various

  • This means that the bird was moving at a constant velocity in the x-direction.

    Wired Top Stories Rhett Allain 2010

  • To determine the x - and y-component of the force notice that o ne charge exerts a force in the x-direction only, one charge exerts a force in the y-direction only, and one charge exerts a force that needs to be broken down into x and y components.

    Yahoo! Answers: Latest Questions 2010

  • (B) Fluorescence intensity is represented as a carpet with the line in the x-direction and the time in the y-direction.

    PLoS ONE Alerts: New Articles Francesco Cardarelli et al. 2010

  • The movement is shown by a vector: movement in the x-direction movement in the y-direction

    Recently Uploaded Slideshows 2010

  • Tethered Mass and Spring is a free program that shows a mass constrained to move in the x-direction by a horizontal rod and connected to a spring of natural length L = 10.

    Softpedia - Windows - All 2010

  • I Want panel 1 to take 1/10 of space in x-direction, panel 2 8/10 and panel 3 1/10 to.

    DaniWeb IT Discussion Community SasseMan 2010


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