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  • n. an attraction or love of foreign people, manners or culture


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From xeno- + -philia


  • As far as being accused of xenophobia's concerned, well xenophobia's not a crime - although I think it's as morally abhorrent as xenophilia.

    Yanquico, Bryan Caplan | EconLog | Library of Economics and Liberty

  • He explains this well and suggests that serendipity is one tool by which people might transcend these effects "Homophily, serendipity, xenophilia" .

    July 2008

  • This is the human condition writ large, stretched out on the fabric of millenia and seasoned with the subtle taste of xenophilia.

    The Friday "Morning After The Holiday" Review: The Dragons Of Springplace

  • Peter Mandelson is a past master of the politics of xenophilia; his warning against 'the politics of xenophobia' taking hold in the spontaneous direct action now being taken by British workers is his bunker moment.

    UK Commentators

  • It's a metaphor for the intolerance of differences which we begin to transcend in eating more variety, which become a new metaphor for a phenomena I wrote about in "Accidental Conversations", xenophilia, the love of that which is different.


  • There is xenophobia (a dislike and/or fear of that which is unknown or different from oneself) and xenophilia (an affection for unknown objects or human beings), and it’s nice to land somewhere in between the two…

    Buzzine » Moby

  • As an indication of Gorbachev’s xenophilia, he started borrowing words from English.

    The Great Experiment


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