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  • interjection colloquial Yes; an expression of affirmation.


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Blend of yeah and uh-huh.


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  • McCain utter ass-wipe .... more of the same tired Bush/Clinton diarrhea .... uh, yeah-huh.

    McCain Responds: Americans Have "Every Reason To Doubt" Whether Obama Can Keep Us Safe

  • Comments: somehow i imagine judges are trapped in a game with their colleagues. to get appointed and confirmed they must salute legal formalism and they would be fine restricting their decisions to simply applying the law. however, the 'other guy' might be able to squeeze in a conservative decision under the guise of legal formalism. then the liberal judge has three options: she can call the 'other guy' out and thus engage in a war of (nuh-uh, yeah-huh, nuh-uh); she can meet the 'other guy' at the nash equilibrium by saying that she's a legal formalist and then trying to squeeze out her own liberal opinion, but that is admittedly more difficult for a liberal to do given the current political climate in the States; or she can claim the game is up by saying that we are all legal realists now. when you consider a judge's actions in light of her environment jurisprudential allegiance seems more like a strategy than a work ethic.


  • I’ve always heard “yuh-huh” where I’m from, it’s pronounced more like “yeah-huh” only as a response to “nuh-unh.”

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Nuh-Uh!

  • I’ve also heard “yeah-huh” in my interactions with teenagers.

    The Volokh Conspiracy » Nuh-Uh!


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