yellow-crested love


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  • Researchers found surviving yellow-crested Abbott's cockatoos in Masalembu Archipelago.

    Archive 2008-10-01

  • Some 72 species of birds have been recorded, including yellow-crested cockatoo Cacatua sulphurea (V), noisy friar bird Philemon buceroides and common scrubhen Megapodius freycinet.

    Komodo National Park, Indonesia

  • He was one of those large white yellow-crested cockatoos who, in their captivity, pass their time like galley-slaves, chained by one leg.

    Madame Midas

  • And now, as he paused in admiration to gaze on the lovely view spread out before him, he felt the burning heat relieved for a moment by a flying cloud; he looked upward -- it was a flight of the yellow-crested cockatoo, which passed rapidly on with deafening screeches.

    Frank Oldfield Lost and Found

  • As the sea became more shallow the yellow-crested waves of dirty water mixed with sand assumed an aspect of fury, and lying on my back I seemed to be tossed from one wave to another, while I listened with some apprehension to the melodious report of the man who took the depth of the water: "Fourteen k├íki" (feet)!

    Through Central Borneo; an Account of Two Years' Travel in the Land of Head-Hunters Between the Years 1913 and 1917

  • I call him -- is the Soul of the hawks; this, my Mimi, is the Soul of the little yellow-crested kingfisher.

    The Great Taboo

  • In the second case are the larger varieties of the woodpecker, including the well-known great black woodpecker of Europe; the North American red-headed woodpecker, and the South American yellow-crested variety; the Carolina woodpecker; and the Cayenne woodpecker.

    How to See the British Museum in Four Visits

  • One of the curious green knolls, so common there, was so thickly covered with the yellow-crested white cockatoo as to give the look of a cap of snow.

    Personal Recollections of Early Melbourne and Victoria

  • For a start, I found that eating breakfast al fresco on the veranda attracted squadrons of yellow-crested cockatoos anxious to share my meal.


  • Birds with a restricted distribution found here include russet-backed oropendolas (Psarocolius angustifrons), white-bellied dacnis (Dacnis albiventris), dotted tanagers (Tangara varia), Serra do Mar tyrant-manakins (Neopelma chrysolophum), yellow-crested manakins (Heterocercus flavivertex), and crestless curassows (Mitu tomentosa).

    Rio Negro campinarana


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