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  • Having yellow legs: as, the yellow-legged clearwing, a British hawk-moth, Sesia cynipiformis or Trochilium cynipiforme.


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  • However, it appears to be an adult yellow-legged gull, Larus michahellis.

    Mystery bird: yellow-legged gull, Larus michahellis

  • The findings suggest that yellow-legged gulls, which often scavenge for discarded food, can reinfect humans through close contact.

    Responding to the Scent of Anxiety

  • Three bird species are critically endangered: Makira moorhen (Gallinula silvestris), yellow-legged pigeon (Columba pallidiceps), and thick-billed ground-dove (Gallicolumba salamonis).

    Solomon Islands rain forests

  • Three of the restricted-range species are listed as threatened (VU or higher) by IUCN: Bismarck sparrowhawk (Accipiter brachyurus), yellow-legged pigeon (Columba pallidiceps), and Bismarck owl (Tyto aurantia).

    New Britain-New Ireland lowland rain forests

  • Two of these species are listed as threatened (VU or higher) by IUCN: yellow-legged pigeon (Columba pallidiceps) and Bismarck owl (Tyto aurantia).

    New Britain-New Ireland montane rain forests

  • In the lower reaches of the river, red-crowned crane Grus japonensis (EN), hooded crane Grus monacha* (VU), oriental stork Ciconia boyciana (EN), black stork Ciconia nigra*, yellow-legged buttonquail Turnix tanki, Far Eastern curlew Numenius madagascariensis and grey-faced buzzard Butastur indicus* are present.

    Central Sikhote-Alin, Russian Federation

  • Endemic to the Ituri, are yellow-legged weaver Ploceus flavipes and golden-naped weaver P. aureonucha; endemic to the region are Sassi's olive greenbul Phyllastrephus lorenzi, Bedford's paradise flycatcher Terpsiphone bedfordi and Ituri flycatcher Batis ituriensis ..

    Okapi Faunal Reserve, Democratic Republic of Congo

  • Geographical variation in the yellow-legged gull: introgression or convergence from the herring gull?

    Archive 2006-02-01

  • SIMON: These three yellow-legged frogs are the only known survivors of what was a flourishing population in one California lake.

    CNN Transcript Aug 14, 2008

  • These are the Congo peacock (Afropavo congensis, VU) and the yellow-legged malimbe (Malimbus flavipes).

    Central Congolian lowland forests


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