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  • R.H.: The Chandrayaan mission is equipped with sensitive, state-of-the-art high resolution equipment -- cameras, radar, and a unique instrument designed to specifically record instances of "TLP" ( "transient lunar phenomenon" -- bright, minutes-long "lights" that have been appearing on the lunar surface for hundreds of years ...) close-up from lunar orbit.

    India's First Moon Mission and the Re-Discovery of ET Artifacts: A Dialogue with Richard C. Hoagland

  • TLP suggests that the drug promoted is as likely as not neither the cheapest nor the best but rather the one for which a deal has been struck between the drug manufacturer and the insurers and or the medication management company.

    Is the latest medical world cahoots insurance companies and academia

  • Here is one paragraph from TLP: If you want to see what the next ten years in medicine look like, stop looking at Astra Zeneca.

    Is the latest medical world cahoots insurance companies and academia

  • Not surprisingly, then, "most of the propositions and questions to be found in philosophical works are not false but nonsensical" (TLP 4.003).

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • Explaining that "Only the proposition has sense; only in the context of a proposition has a name meaning" (TLP 3.3), he provides the reader with the two conditions for sensical language.

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • This provides the means to go back and analyze all propositions into their atomic parts, since "every statement about complexes can be analyzed into a statement about their constituent parts, and into those propositions which completely describe the complexes" (TLP 2.0201).

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • "That is how a picture is attached to reality; it reaches right out to it" (TLP 2.1511).

    Ludwig Wittgenstein

  • I suspect that TLP reorganizes them so often just so she can take long, lingering shots of them empty.

    Putting on the ritz

  • Harry and TLP are right about profits, the automakers do need to turn a profit.

    Waldo Jaquith - Dingell: There’s not “any urgent need” to increase CAFE standards.

  • What he discovered, Crotts said, was a remarkable similarity in the pattern of outgassing event locations recorded by spacecraft across the face of the moon and reported TLP sites.

    Posthuman Blues


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  • "transient lunar phenomenon"

    flashes of light observed on the moon's surface.

    January 17, 2017