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  • adj. of, or relating to diegesis
  • adj. that occurs as part of the action (rather than as background), and can be heard by the film's characters


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  • I mean, this rather implies that engaging in art which accomodates the marvelous and the diegetic is an effective way to process trauma and come to terms with it.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • I use the phrase diegetic representation, however, in a much narrower sense: to describe the graphical elements in any given panel that make sense only in the individual comic's diegesis and in the flow of the information disseminated by the comic's narrative.


  • The word "diegetic" is derived from "diegesis," a storytelling term originally in Aristotle's


  • The mixing of multiple cameras on screen at once would mess up the diegetic space for the audience and horrific in 3D.

    J. J. Abrams Talks CLOVERFIELD 2 –

  • At least the naivety of those “genre” novels has been put in its place; these pretend to be proper books, with complex approaches to trauma, even as in their use of the strange and the diegetic they seek to infiltrate and undermine the literary order — which is to say the self-sustaining absolutes, the “what is, is” of maieutic miserablism.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • The difference between us here is maybe just that I focus on the diegetic, the storyfication, rather than the magic, because I think detectives, cowboys, lederhosen-wearing peasants and all manner of non-magical tropes are a big part of the picture.

    Bukiet on Brooklyn Books

  • The blurring of the lines between diegetic and non-diegetic sound and music in Halo 2 is a powerful technique that, in my mind, makes the sonic material all the more powerful.

    The Audio of Halo Wars – A victim of unambitious design

  • I don't know if this was intentional on Okorafor's part or not, but it doesn't matter, because the effect is marvelous, suggesting multiple levels of distance from the actual in a diegetic sense telling of the tale.

    In Which I Exhort You to Read Who Fears Death

  • I had to look up "non-diegetic", um, and "orchestra" and "musical", plus a lot of other words, but it was worth it.


  • What was this strange mix of powerful visuals and engineered sound (a key scene is a gas station, where extra-diegetic classical music blares in the night) that begins with the young girl fellating her plump unattractive chauffeur -- with full graphic view of the genitalia -- to Beethoven?

    Karin Badt: The Disturbing Vision of Director Carlos Reygadas : "Life is Magic!"


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  • In filmmaking, the term is used to include elements of a story that appear in the action on screen. To take the example of music, the cantina band scene in the original Star Wars is an example of diegetic music, where characters in the bar listen and dance to the music. The dramatic orchestral music — which ran in the background as various fighter planes blew each other up—is nondiegetic.

    October 11, 2016

  • Possibly Wikipedia's second-most overused word, after portmanteau.

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