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  • These motors, when used in conjunction with advanced stepping algorithms such as microstepping, can reduce noise and vibration while increasing rotational resolution.

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  • LEGO lexicography mechanical memory merckle microstepping nanotechnology online rod logic

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  • I also had to reduce the Z-axis microstepping set by jumpers in the motor driver from 1/8 (as set in the X and Y axes) to 1/2 because the motor seemed to have a hard time starting up from idle.

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  • Good microstepping drivers can divide each full step into many little steps (64 and 128 are common numbers), vastly reducing the jerk.

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  • Without microstepping, the motor is going to try to jerk 1. 8°, and the inertia of your disk plus load is not going to allow that rapid motion.

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  • The new devices are dual DMOS full-bridge stepper-motor drivers with parallel input communication and overcurrent protection, and offer improved microstepping accuracy, along with high reliability.

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  • A second method implements a high-torque microstepping algorithm.

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  • Two variations of a Sine / Cosine microstepping technique are shown in Figure 1.

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  • The method discussed in this article accomplishes this microstepping by varying the current in each phase in a sinusoidal fashion called Sine / Cosine microstepping.

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  • A variety of methods can be used to dynamically change the current in each winding to implement High-Torque Sine / Cosine microstepping.

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  • Robotics term for controlling a stepper motor so it's in between 2 step locations. example: putting 20% current on coil A and 80% current on coil B results in a location in between A and B locations.

    In general, microstepping is used for making the motors move smoothly between phases.

    February 5, 2017