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  • n. A mischievous trick.
  • n. Plight; condition.


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  • I howp some o 'thae Lichtin' Commitee chappies 'ill get a dook amon' the gutters the nicht for this pliskie o 'theirs.

    My Man Sandy

  • Pottie Lawson, Bandy Wobster, an 'Sandy have juist been thick an' three faud sin the Hielant games toornament, an 'I kent fine there was some pliskie brooin' amon 'them.

    My Man Sandy

  • Or how severe my pliskie, O! I swear I 'm sairer drunk wi' love

    The Modern Scottish Minstrel, Volume II. The Songs of Scotland of the past half century

  • Or how severe my pliskie, O! I swear I'm sairer drunk wi 'love

    The Book of Humorous Verse

  • Certainly if I wad hae wared my life for you yon night, I can hae nae reason to play an ill pliskie t'ye in the day o 'your distress.' '

    The Antiquary

  • James Batter, the pattern of steadiness and sobriety, awoke in a terrible pliskie.

    The Life of Mansie Wauch tailor in Dalkeith

  • “Weel, sirs!” said Mrs. Lightbody, “wha wad hae thought o’ Caleb Balderstone playing an auld acquaintance sic a pliskie!”

    The Bride of Lammermoor

  • "Ye 'ill better clear yersel at ony rate, Hillocks, for some o' the neeburs threep (insist) 'at it wes you, and some that it wes yir freend, an' there's ithers declare ye ran in compt (company) like twa dogs worrying sheep; it wes a bonnie like pliskie (escapade) onywy, and hardly fit for an Auld Kirk elder" -- a sally much enjoyed by the audience, who knew that, after Whinnie, Hillocks was the doucest man in Drumtochty.

    Beside the Bonnie Brier Bush

  • As for Cursecowl, the invincible reprobate, so ashamed was he of his infamous conduct, that he did not dare, for the life in his body, to show himself before my shop-window -- far less in my presence -- for more than a week; yet, would ye believe it! he made a perfect farce of the whole business among his own wauf cronies; and, instead of repentance, I verily believe, would not have cared twopence to have played me the same pliskie that he did my douce and worthy friend.

    The Life of Mansie Wauch tailor in Dalkeith

  • a watch o 'my father's, an' I regairdit it wi 'a reverence mair like a human bein': the second time it played me that pliskie, I dang oot its guts upo 'the loupin'-on-stane at the door o' the chop.

    Robert Falconer


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  • Of course a thrifty (thriftey?) Scot would not spend an inessential "e" but I have a more expansive ancestry.

    I hope the Tasmanian hibernation has concluded.

    December 2, 2016

  • I'm pretty sure most Scots drink whisky rather whiskey but don't let my pedantry detract from a beaut limerick.


    December 2, 2016

  • In Scotland on taking some whiskey
    The young men are prone to feel frisky,
    But liquor soon wilts
    What stirs in their kilts.
    Alas, a most chastening pliskie.

    December 1, 2016