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  • n. An associate; a member or fellow, as of a sodality, an academy, or an institution of learning.
  • n. The individual, in his social qualities and relations, as the unit of society, in distinction from the individual as an animal or as a mind.
  • n. In social psychol., the social self. See the extract.


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  • The socius was the first again to break the silence, and he said to Father d'Aigrigny, with his usual cool impudence.

    The Wandering Jew — Volume 05

  • On the appointed day, the preacher with his "socius" is taken to the Vatican in a pontifical carriage, and enters the throne-room; when notified by the master of ceremonies, he draws near the bussola, takes off his mantle, asks the pope's blessing, and ascends the pulpit.

    The Catholic Encyclopedia, Volume 12: Philip II-Reuss

  • Cum autem simul communicari et inungi aliquam oportuerit. soror aliqua crucem portet. et frater socius sacram deferat unccionem: et primo fiat communio. deinde inunccio. et in isto casu semper remaneat conuentus in infirmaria usque ad complectionem officii.

    Sensual Encounters: Monastic Women and Spirituality in Medieval Germany

  • The thermal significance of the nest of the Sociable Weaver (Philetairus socius): summer observations.

    Kalahari xeric savanna

  • These include the camelthorn tree, gemsbok (Oryx gazella), sociable weaver (Philetairus socius), and Kalahari lion (Panthera leo).

    Kalahari xeric savanna

  • The body of the despot as imperial socius means that workers are the

    Gilles Deleuze

  • Nota quod arnicas bonus et dilectus socius, narrationibus suis jucundis superat omneni melodiam.

    Anatomy of Melancholy

  • After all, Antonius married a daughter to a socius, Pythodorus of Tralles.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • Indignant merchants of wealth who had only a socius standing were evicted from their mansions; luckily, Ephesus was a big emporium and provided Antony with enough residences to accommodate this huge influx of important men and their families.

    Antony and Cleopatra

  • Comte loved inventing words (neologism) and by taking the Latin for "friend" (socius) and the Greek for "word" (logos) and he came up with Sociology.

    Among the Simple


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  • A good judge's solemn obligation

    Is blindness to erstwhile association.

    No matter how close he be

    To his former socii

    He rules indifferent to affiliation.

    March 11, 2017