Comments by skorpiontail

  • I had to sound out PERSPICACIOUS like 6 times before i gave up & looked it up. Because neither my grandma or i knew how to pronounce it, nor did we know what it meant. But it certainly did look like an interesting word & downright HARD to pronounce if you dont know it already-PERSPICACIOUS!!! Pretty Cool!!! I LUV THIS WORD! Its in my favs now!!

    November 28, 2012

  • I love wordnik!!! Its my fav! Its sooo quick to look up a word im having trouble with or dont know. And i dont get all the probs i get with the other dictionaries!!! I wuv u guys!! Even sometimes my grama whos like a dictionary genius (her relative helped do parts of Websters Dictionary-students ed.) doesnt know a certain word & i do so when i tell her the definition she doesnt believe me til she gets it from u guy. ONLY U GUYS!!!! Looks like im not the ONLY one who wuves u :-) take care.

    November 24, 2012