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  • n. The number four hundred and twenty, the integer between four hundred and ninteen and four hundred and twenty one.
  • n. A particular type of monohull dinghy with two sails, designed for two people.
  • n. The consumption of cannabis, or cannabis itself.


So named because it is 420 centimetres long (Wiktionary)
Unknown, although numerous theories abound. (Wiktionary)


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  • "Twelve months later, at a time when experts are declaring the so-called '''war on drugs'' to be a comprehensive failure, Silk Road is more brazen than ever. Users can now purchase gift certificates for their friends. And at 4.20pm (Greenwich Mean Time) on April 20, the site took the bold-faced step of holding what it called the ''420 Sale and Giveaway'' (''420'' being the colloquial name for marijuana) during which it offered a prize to buyers - such as a voucher, an iPhone or a MacBook Air - every 420 seconds until 420 prizes had gone.
    - Eileen Ormsby, 'The drug's in the mail',, 27 April 2012.
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    April 27, 2012

  • high time

    May 29, 2008